December’s Top Pins and Stickers

Black Friday Pins and Stickers for Christmas

Right now there are five different awesome things trying to get made. Here’s what they are. Pre-order them by clicking on the titles.

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“Consume” Vinyl Stickers and Pins

Imagine a mall Santa Claus, post-zombie apocalypse. I did while I was making Christmas tree ornaments last year. I made the ornament but I never got a round to painting him. It occurred to me he’d look much better on the lapels and notebooks of the world than only existing on my tree.

Christmas Enamel Pin
Red-Glitter Consume Pin

This Kickstarter is working towards the yellow background, high-gloss 3 x 4 inch “Consume” sticker. This is popular among street-artists as it captures the spray-drip appeal and execution of dynamic layering. The use of primary colors brings another stark dimension to the image, beyond just the macabre commentary. Perfect for the Black Friday season.

The pin is a soft-enamel, black nickel pin sporting red-glitter. It allows both the fashion-forward and the socially conscious among to bring both flair and review into each day. Cool blues and purple causes the red letters carved into the forehead to spark and come to life as intensely as the character’s gaping maw.

“Rx Yo’Self” Vinyl Stickers… with Pin Unlockable

Soft-Enamel Pin with Glitter Enamel
Rx Yo’Self Pin

The “Rx Yo’Self” set stems from a piece I did entitled “Carpet Bomb Amercia”, addressing the myriad of emotion and mindsets we pharmacologically introduce into ourselves from a young age. While the shape elicits the horrors of war, the happy, angry and sleep faces within the capsule reminds all our emotions can only be as unique as what pills we take.

This campaign focuses first on getting the vinyl sticker made. The sticker itself is a mixed-media piece, utilizing watercolors, acrylics, India ink and Sharpie. It’s been touch up with a few opaque layers to give it the sheen and shine appropriate to the work. After the first stretch goal is reach, people will have a chance to purchase the “Rx Yo’Self” pin, a soft-enamel, black nickel pin, roughly 2 inches tall with glitter-enamel.

“Pickett” Soft-Enamel Pin

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Pin
Pickett Pin

For those of us who fell in love with the charming bowtruckle beloved by Newt Scamander in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, this soft-enamel, black-nickel pin allows you to take him with you wherever you go. It tucks safely beneath your collar, scarf, lapel… wherever you feel he would feel safe hiding. You can pre-order him now so that you can show the world you’re one of the few who sees the magic all around us.


Pre-order these now and reach out with any questions.

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