Writing Goals for 2017! | Patrick Helium


Every day in every way, I get better and better! Theoretically, anyway. So, I guess I’m setting the bar low.

Today I’m talking about my writing and online goals for the next three months and the year as a whole. The first? Ready? I’m ready.

Goal the first! I’m going to have a comic book by the end of the year. Come December 1st, I will have made Paranoia Projects. Will it be a two-issue story or a 60-page graphic novel? You decide! I’m going to engage my followers to get their feedback and insight before making a decision but I want to know your thoughts!

Goal the second! Kickstarter for Paranoia Projects. Do I have everything I need to launch a Kickstarer? No. Am I the most informed person? No. Do I want to share this process with others? Yes!

Goal the third… I’m going to be able to have ten pages of art that I can share with people to give them a sense of Paranoia Projects.

Goal the fourth… I want to start posting more often to Youtube, building talks like these that are much less idiotic than this one is and also adding process art videos.

Goal the fifth… I totally thought I had forgotten to even record fifth goal. Well, I guess this video sucks for other reasons. BUT! By March 31st… 36 total videos on my Youtube channel. Because you DIDN’T demand it. Or even knew I had a channel.

Goal the sixth… round out social media. It may not seem super interesting. But… I’ve been expanding and I need to start reeling it in. What’s the definitive measure of success? I don’t March 31st, take a look at all my social media fronts and take a swing at me. Let me know.

Now, you may wonder… how could anyone who’s made a video this bad… and whew… it’s bad… how could anyone endeavor to do anything else other than get their frigging head checked? Fair question. It hurts but it’s fair. Anyway, May 31st, I’ll have a short silent film featuring my Imaginauts. Who are my Imaginauts? Who is even reading this far? If you’re reading, you’re a frigging champ. Be sure and comment and let me know because you win a genuine no-prize and a virtual high-five.

Why have I done something so bad? Why have I subjected you to this? I’d rather fail hard and do better the next time then continually put something off for fear of failure. It’s all uphill from here.

“Uphill” is the good one, right? I always get that one confused. It seems to cut both ways.

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