An Artist’s Day at the Beach

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If you’re unfortunate enough to around me at all, you probably have noticed my obsession with the play Hamilton. In this moment, the lyrics, “Why do you write like you’re running out of time? Write day and night like you’re running out of time?” buzz my skull and fill my veins.

The passion for the written word, for expression, for art, captured in those lyrics has resonated with me. There is truth in consistency. That’s not to say truth is always consistent, but every time I go anywhere, I bring my Imaginauts, and in that practice there seems to be a truth. Of course, it’s been my task over the last year or two to discover that truth.

This Sunday, I took my daughter to Sunset Cliffs. Here in San Diego, it’s a rugged jut from an old hippy beach community. Ocean winds and nocturnal moisture wear the rocks smooth and eat slowly at the cliffsides. My daughter had never seen them. Knowing how much she loves the ocean, I took her. But, as always, the Imaginauts came with me.

The Imaginauts turn my weakness into a strength. In truth, I’ve never been patient enough to paint backgrounds. With my cut-out characters, Gene Kelly (the astronaut), Hank (the adventurous boy on his bicycle) and Handsome Jimmy (the butterfly-enamored werewolf), I can use art as a supplement to the backgrounds. The stony, often bare landscape paralleled the surface of Mars enough that Gene seemed enough at home and the stark cliffs appealed to Hank’s sense of adventure. Though I’ll admit getting close enough to them to take his picture was more than a bit distressing and the closer I got the more narrowed and singular my thoughts were.

The truthful consistency I spoke of earlier is the renewed interest I have in this medium as I continue to explore, as I indulge and further develop the Imaginauts. What should be remembered here is seek your own consistency in your art, or even your day to day, for therein lies truth.

I’ll continue to share my Imaginauts so if you haven’t already followed me, please do. If you want more in the meantime, feel free to check my Instagram account. There you’ll find a year and half’s worth of Imaginauts, one-line drawings and pins.

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