If you’ve not been to The Comic Jam, I suggest you check it out. Once a week a group of writers get together and pick a theme, scribble out a single page and pass it on to the artists. If you are an artist and you’re looking to join a community where you can show off your talents once a week, I encourage you to look into it. Each week, some scripts fall through the cracks because there aren’t enough writers. That’s why we need artists, so if you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll get you in touch with the right people.

This week I was paired with Pete Woods. Have you seen his work? Check him out here. He’s absolutely incredible and I’m very excited to be work with him. More than that, he’s a tremendously nice guy so I’m really lucking out in general this week. Right now he’s working on my hard-to-digest concept. Fortunately for me, he’s a tremendously intuitive artist so he does require any explanation.

If you want to take a look at the script, please feel free.



Splash page.

At the bottom we see a man and woman in a cubicle environment, we see the from a floor-angle, looking up. The office is portrayed in green hues. The man is holding a swarm of balloons, balloons that fill the top two thirds of the page. He is reaching up, pulling on one string in particular. The balloons merge into each other, but each one holds a different scene. The scenes held therein are in purple, pink and occasional blue hues. The various scenes are these:

  1. Woman is at work, suffering and moaning, terribly sick.
  2. Woman has a very matter-of-fact look on her face, “if he puts that report on my desk, I’m going to hang him out the window.
  3. Man is going on at length, his word bubble is with yada-yada squigglies, the woman is listening intently, “How did he get out of the Sarlac pit?”
  4. Woman is asking man, “Will you help me move my printer?”
  5. Man at his desk, Woman has squeezed into the desk as though unaware of him, drawing, “I’m boooored…”


Woman is looking up at the balloons as the man is reaching for them.

WOMAN: What are doing?

MAN: I’m going over all the reasons I’ve decided to ask you out.

And boom. Single page, a bit high-concept. But if hadn’t read a single page of comic script this week, now you have! Follow me because I’m going to be sharing more of the creative process, including helping people to share in my motivation to help you achieve your own goals. I’ve also got a brand new Kickstarter next week I’m very excited to share with you. So stick around. And if you haven’t already followed Pete Woods on Instagram and gone to his site… you’re missing out!


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