Joke’s on U.S. Pin

For the generation that seems to only now be learning it’s voice, this Kickstarter presents pins that capture the spirit of protest as a mean’s of identity and preservation of society. Right now, by contributing to the Nasty Women 3-Pack, you’ll get every unlocked pin for just $25. That’s at least five pins, for $25. These comic book inspired pins remind us it’s cool to be proactive.

Click here to get involved now!

Comic inspired pins from the Women's March

The Joke’s on U.S. pin, inspired by Harley Quinn and Melania Trump reminds us the joke’s on us. As we talk about trivialities, the prestige of the office of the President is being undone. The era of America as a world leader for virtue and dignity has been undone in a paradoxical effort to restore “greatness”. The real joke is America was never great. Only recently has it neared greatness. As moral leaders, when were we great? When oppressed people because of their skin? When we marginalized women as lesser beings? When we outlawed act of being gay? We were only “great” financially speaking as a short-term effect of the second World War. Before that we were an impoverished nation of isolationists. Greatness is ahead of us! To step backwards to be become great is a joke for the history books.

The Kickstarter has already enjoyed tremendous success and celebration but it’s not too late to get in on it by clicking the link above. Follow this blog to learn about future updates!

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