Immigrant Pin

For the generation that seems to only now be learning it’s voice, this Kickstarter presents pins that capture the spirit of protest as a mean’s of identity and preservation of society. Right now, by contributing to the Nasty Women 3-Pack, you’ll get every unlocked pin for just $25. That’s at least five pins, for $25. These comic book inspired pins remind us it’s cool to be proactive.

Click here to get involved now!

Comics inspired pins from the Women's MarchThe Immigrant pin reminds of America’s oldest and greatest tradition… immigration. Our immigration laws in this country may not be perfect, but they can be made better. America’s ability to grow, to integrate and develop, is what has helped drive us towards greatness. Through diversity we become stronger. We can’t return to isolationism and xenophobia. Allow every man, woman and child the chance to prosper. If we give goodwill, we can be great.

The Kickstarter has already enjoyed tremendous success and celebration but it’s not too late to get in on it by clicking the link above. Follow this blog to learn about future updates!

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