Will Mueller Flip Bannon?

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Mueller is Set to Question Former Trump-Advisor Steve Bannon

Let’s start by saying Steve Bannon is a bad person. He’s furthering the agenda of racist Americans, openly championing child predator’s and undermining the global systems that are intended to provide a safe and clean world for future generations to inherit. Steve Bannon is the opposite of the Portrait of Dorian Grey, his outward appearance reflecting each of his sins and misdeeds.

However as much Bannon is a deplorable individual, he’s not stupid.

For an illustration of stupidity, reference the likes of Donald Trump, Jr. who seemed subconsciously determined to put his collusion with the Russians into the open. You may also reference Eric Trump, who somehow thought it was a great idea to confess that his family gets all their money from Russia to a reporter when discussing how they were able to open golf resorts during the recession when everyone else was going out of business. Certainly, that helped to explain how the Trump organization managed to stay afloat despite multiple bankruptcies… but it was still a very stupid thing to admit.

RT-steve-bannon-cf-170406_12x5_992Bannon is not that stupid, or at least he’s never shown any signs that he’s anywhere near that stupid. In fact, it seems that Bannon has managed to stay away from anything that would look like collusion with the Russians. The secret Trump meeting with Russian representatives in 2016 was before his time as Trump campaign manager and he has reportedly called it “treasonous”.

So, who cares if Robert Mueller is subpoenaing Steve Bannon?

Donald Trump’s tendency to burn bridges and piss on the ashes can be seen clearly in his public assertion that Bannon has “lost his mind”. Bannon has been ousted from the Breitbart “news” organization (which you should think of as the star quarterback being forbidden from attending the games any longer and he’s lost the support of the Mercer family (which you should think of as the Empire firing Darth Vader). Steve Bannon has gone from “king maker” to “Burger King Applicant” in a matter of weeks.

We have no reason to believe that Robert Mueller is after Bannon himself. So after prolonged exposure to DJ Trump and the Trump family, why risk obstructing the investigation? Mueller has already flipped at least two people with working knowledge of how the Trump regime works. That means Bannon has no way of knowing what Mueller knows. If he lies to the investigation, he goes from being a witness to a suspect. Don’t forget, the fifth amendment only applies to self-incrimination.

In fact, one source close to Bannon reportedly told the Daily Beast that he will be cooperating fully. Given Bannon’s history as a strategist, it’s certainly the smart move. He may even be looking to cut a deal with Mueller, abstaining from sharing any information with the House intelligence meeting Tuesday, January 16th, so that Mueller has to work for any and all information Bannon has to offer.

After all, why would Bannon risk anything for the Trumps? He has a well-known feud with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and Donald just went out of his way to humiliate him. Bannon practically broke his ass after his fall from power.

What Comes Next for Steve Bannon?

Bannon will be looking to distance himself not just from potential investigation but likely charges of money laundering that go back many, many years. In order to return to his status as alt-right king maker, he has to maintain a relatively clean reputation in the public eye.

Steve Bannon may be smart enough to know what is lurking on the horizon for Trump will be more like “shit-show” than “shithole”

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