Forbes Makes the Top of Its Own “Out of Touch” List with Kylie Jenner

Forbes established the difference between the wealthy and the rest by making it clear the publisher doesn’t understand the concept of “self-made”. The high-profile business and finance magazine placed Kylie Jenner on their cover as the youngest self-made billionaire ever. Oh, did you just ask, “Well, who the hell is Kylie Jenner?” You must have a job! And work for a living! Well, scum… if you can take a moment away from struggling to pay your student loans, we’ll tell you!

Kylie Jenner is the daughter of Olympian Caitlyn Jenner and TV personality Kris Jenner, both American icons in their own right. Kylie started in the runaway-hit reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her sister, famed internet-breaker, Kim Kardashian, married the face of America’s mental health-crisis, Kanye West. When Kylie was able to make time selling herself to various spin-offs of her family’s television show, she used her name to endorse make-up products and clothing lines. She even tried to trademark her own name… because all other Kylie’s are scum and should just finish their shifts at Starbucks before doing anything else.

But that’s just what’s been going on in Kylie’s life for the last ten years. Meanwhile, in your life, the middle class and the environment have been in a dead-heat race towards extinction. Student loans have continued to perilously build higher. Millennials have not only been unable to buy homes or afford to start families, they have been labeled “lazy” and “entitled” by people who write Forbes.

Because to be poor or middle-class is not only dehumanizing, it’s to be entirely unconsidered. Kylie Jenner’s status as “self-made” flies in the face of the hard work of millions people striving not to be billionaires, but to simply get by, to stay even fifty dollars ahead of collection agencies, to afford off-brand shoes for their children.

Your accomplishment, staying alive and afloat in a society that means to consume you, means absolutely nothing because you weren’t born to wealth and fame.Thank you, Forbes, for making that clear.

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