My Favorite Sunglasses

My favorite pair of sunglasses is hard to identify. I have three. Three pairs of sunglasses that stand out as the much exceptional, only one of which I still possess.
My gold aviators with their blue reflective tint catch the eyes of others. They draw attention to the rugged features of my frequently unshaven face. Though perhaps garish to some, in the way the lenses and frames both fight for attention, they are dazzling in color yet simple in design. The broad-reach of the style  essentially mask all but the lower half of the face, creating an air of mystery that creates a certain intrigue when meeting new people. For all their pop and style, you would likely never believe where I found them.
My brother bought me a pair of Ray Bans Predator sunglasses. My brother meets the stereotype for “fancy downtown lawyer” and I certainly would not have been able to afford them for myself after my first pair. They’re sleek lines made me feel like a man always in motion while appearing still and contemplative. Perhaps it was that I first saw them in Men in Black that always made wearing such a simple yet high-profile aesthetic feel like an event. I lost them in Maui, like I lost the first pair in Chicago. Maybe they made me a bit careless.
The first pair of shades that I really connected to were a pair of full-brim wraparound shades. It was a cool blue acetate, the color of the tide when the waves run thinly against smooth sand, just before becoming altogether clear and receding back to the ocean. The lenses both match this gentle hue. Though they were clear enough to reveal my eyes behind them, a trait I don’t often favor in sunglasses, they turned the world an energetic color I came to love. Behind these sunglasses, everything in the burned-out desert city turned from desolate brown to cheerful blue. Putting them on was not a consideration of appearance, or even an attempt to block the sun, but an effort to see the world in a way in which even my imagination fell short.
It’s hard to pick which of these sunglasses were my favorite. Of course…
I’m always looking for a new pair.

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