Surreal Clothing | Aurora’s Night Walk

Looking for something surreal in your clothing? You’re too colorful a person for a regular old black shirt.

Watercolor fish with surreal girl.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably already seen my Imaginauts (and if not, you should really check them out).

Aurora is one of my most recent Imaginauts, based on an art piece Tiffany did a few years ago.

This original work, seen here, captures the whimsical life Tiffany leads, always lost in a world of color and imagination the rest of only get to hear about. (To order this 11 x 17 print, click here.)

Who is Aurora?

Aurora never really wakes from her dreams. They live all around her no matter where she goes. Why is she always surrounded by fish? How did she come by her pet shark? That all remains to be seen.

So, when this past weekend I sat down with her a came up with a new piece. This time exploring her namesake, the Aurora Borealis, searching for… well, who know what you search for when you never full wake from your dreams?

Watercolors surreal girl at night.

Wondering the lonely Alaskan nights, only she seems to know what’s waiting for her. Shortly behind her, Oscar, follows, twitching his tail like a mischievous cat.

Will she know when she find what she’s looking for? Or pass into the next dream first?

How Aurora wandered in our store…

Well, shortly after I began sharing the piece with other came the demand that we put it in our clothing store. So… that’s what I did. After all, she brings the perfect amount surreal intrigue to otherwise boring clothing.

Surreal clothing watercolor

The picture radiates into the rest of the shirt, like Northern Lights dissipating in the sky or a dream receding back into our subconscious and so captures the confused whimsy of Aurora herself.

I’m very happy with how this design turned out.

The design is available for both men and women, in tanks, tees and sweaters. Feel free to check out all the options by clicking here.

Buying this shirt not only makes you totally cool, it helps support small artists (which is just about the coolest thing you could ever do). Another great way to support us is by going to He + She Friends and signing up. For just $10 a month, you can get a brand new pin sent to you. Pick from pop-culture or originals and get a new piece of wearable art from the same people who created Aurora. Just click here to sign up.

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