Patience | Unraveling

Okay, time to catch up.

My daughter’s play ended yesterday. My wife is on the mend. It’s time to get back to being productive. Just in time, too.

Renzo just finished the art for our Legit pitch and it’s about to move on to lettering. My Aurora pitch is sitting with Patrick Wong waiting for him to be free. And, well… Yes, I am thinking of going ahead and illustrating my own story, Slaved.

That’s on top of trying to work on promoting the pin subscription service (we just got out April’s pins today), checking the metrics from this site and Etsy and scheduling social media.

Oh, and I may need to start making a new website. And I want to create new B+ material.

Organizing is not my strong suit. And I spread myself too thin. Maybe I would be better suited putting all this energy into one thing. But patience has never been my strong suit.

It takes patience to accomplish great things. Maybe it’s my failing. But there is so much I want to accomplish, so much I want to see done.

I guess for now I have to trust the sooner or later whatever I am getting done will pay off.

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