Three Reasons to Say Yes!

Thank you for coming! Holy moly, it’s great to have you here. I’ll wager you’re looking for someone to hire. Everyone is looking for someone with a strong work ethic, leadership skills and fierce command of the english language. But you’re looking for someone special, aren’t you?

Let me tell you why that’s me.


I owe it to my seventh grade-self to start by saying, I started writing novels for fun after school. After graduating from San Diego State in 2009, my first job was at IDW Publishing. Working in both the editorial and marketing department gave me a wide breadth of experience drafting press releases, performing script re-writes, meeting deadlines. The skills I developed there helped as I moved into freelance writing. For six years, I wrote for, as one of the top ranking writers in my field. Upon it’s closing, I began writing for Graphic Policy, as well as creating content for various running blogs and hiring sites. In 2015, I accepted the offer to become the Senior Writer at Continuity Products where I now write commercials in addition to overseeing other content writers.


As Senior Writer at Continuity Products, my writing is tremendously diverse. From national commercials for Lipozene, to on-site content for products like Libbera to outreach blogs for Fire & Ice Therapy, LLC.

Graphic Policy is one of the most revered websites for commentary and analysis in comics. Articles often required interviewing some of the most high-profile professionals in the industry, as well as dissecting story execution and reporting on events.

Run, Gazelle, Run was a daily running blog designed to appeal to potential clients. Servicing older clients, personal trainer Tiffany Caddell sought to provide easy-to-digest posts that sold her personality while portraying her active lifestyle.

J. Danielle & Co. is an estate staffing service, placing nannies, butlers and personal chefs. Blogs were intended to potential applicants, orient them to a lifestyle they may have not otherwise known, and sell the appeal of the career.