Three Reasons to Say “Yes!”

3 Reasons to Say “Yes!” to Hiring Me

I’ve been in your shoes, surrounded by qualified candidates but not really sure who the right choice is. To make it simple, the right person will have a combination of three things… experience, work ethic and personality. To make it even more simple, the right person is me. (Ooh, sorry. Forgot to say “spoiler alert”.)

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Writing Samples

As Senior Writer at Continuity Products, my writing is tremendously diverse. From national commercials for Lipozene, to on-site content for products like Libbera to outreach blogs for Fire & Ice Therapy, LLC.

Graphic Policy is one of the most revered websites for commentary and analysis in comics. Articles often required interviewing some of the most high-profile professionals in the industry, as well as dissecting story execution and reporting on events.

Run, Gazelle, Run was a daily running blog designed to appeal to potential clients. Servicing older clients, personal trainer Tiffany Caddell sought to provide easy-to-digest posts that sold her personality while portraying her active lifestyle.

Jim Ayres is the founder of Innutra Innovative Nutrition. He works to help people develop healthier lifestyles. Through exercise and nutrition, he (and his website) work to make the world a better place.

J. Danielle & Co. is an estate staffing service, placing nannies, butlers and personal chefs. Blogs were intended to attract potential applicants, orient them to a lifestyle they may have not otherwise known, and sell the appeal of the career.

About Me


I have been writing professionally for nearly ten years. Out of college, my first job was with a comic book publisher called IDW Publishing. Working in both the editorial and marketing departments, my gift for language was needed both to sell and entertain. The years following IDW required that I become disciplined, proactive and versatile. Freelance writing allows a great many liberties but has no patience for laziness.

In this time I wrote for Examiner, Graphic Policy, personal trainers, staffing agencies, often times under the name of my client instead of my own. Freelancing does not allow much glory, either. Accepting my current position as Senior Writer opened the door for new opportunities, writing for television and web commercials. Moreover, it gave me the chance to have writers under me, allowing me to develop and direct new talent. These experiences have helped diversify my writing styles and prepared me for future challenges.

Work Ethic

I do not like to stand still. There is so little time we are alloted in this world and there is so much to be done. Being unproductive is a horrid waste of potential. I always seek to be productive, pursuing goals or developing new skill sets. I take great pride not only in my accomplishments but in those of my team, so I do my best to contribute and aid others to make sure we are on track for achieving success.


Oh, boy… What to say about my personality that hasn’t been stated a thousand times already in high school referrals? I mean… by other highly-qualified candidates.

Actually, it’s funny how youthful condemnations like “talks too often in class” settles in to adult virtues like “actively participates”. No, I wasn’t meant to sit quietly in a classroom. It is in my nature to be at the forefront of discussion, asking questions, making suggestions, listening to others and furthering the group effort. The traits that worked against me as a high school senior have made me an excellent Senior Writer.

Further, my interpersonal skills make me a delightful person to know. I read the needs of others well, provide support and listening when needed. Through effective communication, I’m able to clarify confusion and contribute to a more pleasant and enjoyable work environment.


I am a native San Diegan and attended San Diego State University. My daughter attends the same elementary school I did and will attend the same middle school. Despite San Diego’s exponential growth, national influences or status as a Mecca of Midwest tourism, I have a had a charmed, small-town life here in San Diego.

As a boy, my parents both worked in local television stations. My mother was an anchorwoman. My father wrote the nightly news. Evenings were often spent in newsrooms, living in a “behind the scenes” world. My kid brother and I were also chosen to be the target of special interest pieces, “Can Kids Choose Stocks?” or “Which Toys Are REALLY the Hottest?” which meant we quickly became comfortable in front of the camera as well, joining the AFTRA/SAG union at an early age.

As an adult and in addition to my writing, I also sell enamel pins and art online with my fiancee. This started with my own hobby collecting pins. However, once I become enamored with something, I often seek to understand every facet and aspect of it. That became the case with pins. Since beginning in late 2016, I’ve manufactured more than thirty designs and am looking to begin creating posters by this year. We sell our work on our Etsy page, at shows and through our monthly subscription service.

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